Sandra Brownlee Workshop

Some photos from the wonderful workshop, Tactile Notebooks, we had at our studio (http://www.textilestudio.ca/) with the artist Sandra Brownlee.  On the first day, we each had this lovely package waiting for us at our place on the table.

This was the idea we worked from on the fourth day: Objects Hold Memories. We worked from objects that we had brought with us that connected to a personal memory.

Colour experiments - playing with colour, mixing, intermixing and thinning.

A page from my notebook - we were working from the idea of something dark and mysterious.

Some of Sandra Brownlee's Tactile Notebooks.  She has been keeping these notebooks for many years and they act as a portable studio for her, a place to think, write, respond and play.

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  1. Sandra is a living treasure. How wonderful to have participated in one of her workshops.